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Contemporary Circus

INAC - Instituto Nacional de Artes do Circo is an international center dedicated exclusively to circus arts located in Vila Nova de Famalicão - Portugal. The Institute's mission is to train artists capable of a multidisciplinary approach that ensures the emergence and affirmation of new aesthetics and bring the circus to all audiences, as well as the dissemination and implementation of contemporary circus in Portugal, providing a new offer and enriching the current cultural landscape. The circus, traditionally, is a "big family", and INAC is no exception. Our projects are built on love for what we do, compassion, and hard work.

The National Institute of Circus Arts is a member of FEDEC - European Federation of Professional Circus Schools.



INAC's contemporary circus professional education program aims to stimulate and train young circus artists at a high technical and artistic level. In addition to risk, poetry, and humor, we believe that technical excellence and virtuosity sustain the various forms of contemporary circus.

INAC fills the gap in contemporary circus studies in Portugal, believing that, in the future, exceptional artists will create exceptional art.

INAC's Circo à Noite program is a recreational program of regular circus classes for all ages.

These classes take place throughout the school term, 1 or 2 times a week. They are taught by experienced trainers and allow all kinds of people to get closer to the magic of the circus universe.

In these classes children will have the opportunity to experiment, train and create with all the circus disciplines.
There is a focus on object manipulation, balancing, aerial acrobatics, and ground acrobatics.
These classes take place in two modalities:
- Baby Circus for children from 3 to 6 years old
- Circus Kids for children from 6 to 12 years old.

The main goal of the Family Circus classes is to create a moment and an activity within the family environment. Based on the idea of circus family, in this class fathers, mothers, children, other relatives and friends have the opportunity to enjoy together creative games where circus techniques are the main tool for communication and learning.

The classes are divided into physical preparation, flexibility, and technique on the apparatus/discipline.
They offer a possibility of regular activity for people who seek a physical activity with an artistic character.
At the end of the school year our students have the opportunity to publicly present what they have learned through a collective or individual creation.


The main objective of aerial acrobatics is to endow the student with a basic knowledge of the main circus aerial devices: trapeze, lyre, rope, and fabric.

In floor acrobatics, the student will have the opportunity to work all the acrobatic movements from the simplest somersaults and cartwheels to complex mortals, pins and flics.
INAC has a practice area, airtrack, trampoline, and pit. Classes will be divided by physical preparation, flexibility, ground technique and trampoline/airtrack technique.

The main goal of the balance and juggling classes is to provide the student with basic knowledge of the main manipulation objects and balance devices (balls,
masses, arches, unicycle, wire, among others).


It is aimed at professionals who want to maintain their technical training practice and continue their artistic research.

The space provides:
  • a training area with technical equipment for acrobatics, aerials, balance, and juggling.
  • a black box, equipped for air, sound, light, and linoleum.
  • an open space for laboratory and research provided air, sound, light, and linoleum.


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